How to wisely choose what to read

1. The most important thing to read is the BIBLE. 
     It is your instruction manual.  Read it daily.
          -Read it to get to know God.           
          -Read about a topic or a person.

2. Read Bible study books.  Use these to
     -look up word meanings and ​the background of a passage.
     -compare how others understand a passage ​and why.
     -check that references are in context.

3. Read topical Christian books & devotionals ​to be like Christ
    in all areas of life.
     - Use these books to evaluate yourself and ​
        help in your search of God’s word.

4. Read biographies & autobiographies of people
    who have tried to follow Christ.
     - Read these books to see the struggles and
        ​insights of others who have tried to follow Christ.

5. Read fiction books that teach Christian values.
    Read these books to
     -be uplifted and encouraged         
     -learn from fictional examples         
     -motivate you to study more.